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About our Dextrose product range

Dextro Energy has been a popular product for generations. Dextro Energy cubes were first marketed in 1935 – then as now, with each cube made up of individually packaged smaller tablets. Nowadays Dextro Energy is offered in various product forms geared to the user’s individual needs and situation as well as personal flavor preferences. With their handy format, they fit into even the smallest pocket. That puts glucose (also known as dextrose) within easy reach, so it can travel directly to the brain and muscles right away.

About our Sport range

Sports nutrition has been scientifically proven to enhance performance. Dextro Energy Sports provides support before, during and after training and competition.

  • Sticks Orange Sticks Classic Sticks Tropical Sticks Lemon Sticks Blackcurrant

    Sticks Orange

    14 tablets supply a total of 47 grams for instantly available glucose (dextrose) replenishment. Different flavors provide extra vitamins or minerals.

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  • Dextrose Drink Apple

    Especially for diabetics: The liquid alternative to the popular glucose tablets – 50 ml contain 18g of fast acting glucose and provide a total of 24g carbohydrates. Ideal when it comes to a hypoglycaemia.

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    Dextrose Drink Apple
  • Sport Tablets

    Sport Tablets

    Rapidly available carbohydrates – always a good choice during training.

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